International Kite Flying Festival begins with the break of dawn, people start gathering in open fields. Youngs, olds, children all keep themselves busy in flying kites and continues all through the day without any breaks.

The enthusiasm of the people is noticeable by the shouts of ‘Wo Kata’. Kite flying competition is held among them. The excitement in the environment is seen and the shouts of joy are heard.

The beauty of dark sky is glamorized by series of illuminated box kites known as Tukkals .

kite4.jpgSome of the kite flyers display their kite flying skills to win the Fighter Kite Competition whereas others calmly fly the kite showcasing their beautiful kites for the overwhelming viewers. Trophies are awarded to the winners.

A competition of painting the kite with the colors of imagination and cultural programme are also organized. There is musical vibrations in the air and traditional delicacies are especially prepared for this day.

This festival is celebrated to give farewell to winter season and give a warm welcome to the summer season. The city fills with the colours of life during this festive occasion. People forget all their work and just gather in a big ground or terrace of their houses for flying kites.

Regional Celebrations

Local kite flying festivals are held in other cities as well.Regions like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi etc. also celebrate this kite festival with great enthusiasm. The Kite Festival of Rajasthan holds special importance as a number of tourists visit this festival every year to participate and see the state at its colorful best.

International Kite Festival Video

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