The Expert Touch

The festival gives a call to expert kite-makers and flyers from local cities of India and also from around the world.

Basically the kite is made from colourful papers and glue but nowadays other materials are also being used. The thread used for flying kites is coated with a mixture of glue and ground glass. They are dried and rolled onto reels known as firkees . They must be used carefully as the strings are sharp enough to cut a finger.

Shopping for Kite

Patang Bazaar of Ahemdabad is a great shopping destination for buying kites. It is open 24 hours a day during the Makar Sankranti kite3.jpgweek.

The huge crowd in this market proves the craze of people about kites and kite flying. A visit to this bazaar clears the obsession of entire population of the city with patangs.

International Kite Festival Video

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Forthcoming Festivals