Literacy DayInternational Literacy Day was proclaimed to be held every year on September 8th by the United Nations on November 17th, 1965. The first Literacy Day however was observed on 1966. The main aim behind starting a day on literacy was to spread awareness among individuals, communities and countries.

Literacy is recognized as a global requirement and various activities and celebrations are made throughout the world on this day. The United Nations and its agency UNESCO, every year launch many programs like seminars, awareness drives, school and college competitions, exchange programs, rural education programs to spread the roots and awareness of an educated and well literate world.

Why is Literacy Important?

Literacy is not only important to read and write but it leads to an overall more empowered society. Some of the reasons of importance of Literacy are:

Literacy DayWorld Literacy Day 

  • “Right to Literacy” is a human right and a means for personal empowerment.


  • It is important for social development.


  • A literate society is the core of developing a society free of poverty, child mortality, population growth, gender equality, peace and development.

  • A literate individual is the best means to spreading further learning and education. As an example it is easy to visualize that a literate person will definitely send his kid to attain education.



International Literacy Day Videos

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