Celebrations of International Literacy Day have included specific themes, in line with Education For All goals and other United Nations programs such as the United Nations Literacy Decade.

2011-2012 : Literacy For Peace

The theme of International Literacy Day 2012 is Literacy For Peace. This theme was adopted by the United Nations Literacy Decade (UNLD) to demonstrate the multiple uses and value that literacy brings to people.

Literacy contributes to peace as it brings people closer to attaining individual freedoms and better understanding the world, as well as preventing or resolving conflict. The connection between literacy and peace can be seen by the fact that in unstable democracies or in conflict-affected countries it is harder to establish or sustain a literate environment.

2010: Literacy and Women s Empowerment

 "Literacy and women s Empowerment" was the theme of International Literacy Day 2010, in line with the UNLD thematic calendar.  As per United Nations “Investing in women’s literacy carries very high returns: it improves livelihoods, leads to better child and maternal health, and favours girls’ access to education. In short newly literate women have a positive ripple effect on all development indicators. This international day aims to mobilize everyone’s attention to the urgent need for increased commitment to literacy, especially for girls and women.”

2009 - The Power of Literacy

The theme for Literacy Day 2009 was “Literacy and Empowerment”. That is all the awareness and development activities will be focused on how a literate society can lead to better economic, healthy and growing world.

2007-2008: Literacy and Health

2005-2006: Literacy Sustains Development

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