Jaisalmer Desert FestivalJaisalmer Desert Festival is all about camel races, polo matches, puppeteers, jugglers, men with long mustache, turban tying competitions, locals dressed in colorful traditional dresses, etc. It’s a complete bundle of fun for all three days.

This exuberant festival of Jaisalmer is generally held in the end of January or in the beginning of February every year in the dunes of Sam, which is 42km away from Jaisalmer. This three day celebration glorifies the rich culture of the region.
The desert festival in Jaisalmer was initiated to attract foreign tourists, who always look forward to explore more and more facets of Rajasthan. This no-nonsense festival showcases a variety of Rajasthani folk songs and dance to promote Jaisalmer culture and traditions.
The Rajasthan tourism organizes Jaisalmer Desert fair/festival. ‘Help cells’ are set-up to solve the problems faced by foreign tourists. The local administration monitors the arrangements and medical vans equipped with all the essential medical facilities, are kept on call in case of an emergency.
The major attraction of Jaisalmer Desert Festival is the culture and tradition that has been followed in Rajasthan for all these years and to give it an extra edge, Jaisalmer Fort is selected as the backdrop of the fest.
Between the pinks of winters, the sand of Jaisalmer comes alive with dazzling colors, vibrant music and sounds of the laughter. People specially get dressed up in brilliantly hued costumes and sing the poignant ballads of valor, romance and tragedy. The fair has snake charmers, puppeteers; acrobats, folk artists and various other performers at the event to attract tourists. Also, there are a lot of competitions held at the festival where local artists participate every year. The festival closes with an enchanting music and light show in the moonlit night amid dunes with a promise to come back with even more fun and entertainment next year.

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