The rhythm of Ghumar, Kalbalia, Gair and fire dancers dancing on the beats of folk music is one of the major attractions at the Jaisalmer desert festival. The dancers are dressed up in vibrant and bright colour costumes and dance looks like flying butterflies. Jaisalmer Desert Festival is the best occasion when the rich and colorful culture of the desert region is highlighted. Villagers can be heard singing their old traditional songs.  
JAisalmer Desert Festival CelebrationsSnake charmers, puppeteers, acrobats and camel rides are quite popular here. Camel polo and camel dance is another unique feature which adds on to the glory of the fair. Also, you will notice a lot of local people with turbans and mustaches as they are considered as symbols of honor. 
Many other contests add to the fun of the occasion even further. A title for ‘Mr Desert’ is also held to keep the tourists more engaged and to enhance the fun.  
The music passes through the snaking lanes of the town to the sand dunes and the rivers of deserted villages cast a strong spell on everyone. The fair begins with the sunrise and reaches its pinnacle. Jaisalmer Desert Festival is mainly a festival to perform arts even then several other events that peek into the desert culture are held.

The long moustaches carefully coiled are a common sight there. The moustache competition is the most popular competition among foreigners. Men dressed in traditional and colourful apparel with long moustaches participate in this contest. 
The tug-of-war is the activity in which a team of foreigners is selected and they compete with a team of locals. Then there is a turban tying competition where the locals demonstrate their skills to tie-up turbans that are several feet long. Foreigners also participate in the event and show their skill in tying turbans. 
Apart from all these activities, there are camel rides which are a lot more popular in the Jaisalmer desert. These rides are very much entertaining for the tourists and entertain the viewers as well.

It’s not the day that catches all the attention but also the nights are showered with fun and amusement. The night becomes more lively and interesting as local artists sing melodious songs and dancers perform on the local tunes. 


Fairs and festivals like these are always a great place to shop from. Tourists can find a huge variety of handicraft products displayed at a lot of stalls at the festival. At the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, there are temporary craft bazaars that are set up. There is a nice market to buy gifts and souvenirs for your close ones. You can shop for handicraft items, colorful bangles, wooden toys, marble statues, attractive fabrics sporting local tie and die prints. These craft bazaars are a centre of attraction of the Jaisalmer desert festival. Shopping here is easy even for the foreigners as mobile money exchangers can easily be spotted. Also, all the kiosks have the facility to accept credit card; these facilitates hassle-free shopping.

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