Chawki: The most common and exquisite poses of Lord Krishna is Lord playing flute and sitting on a chawki. Beautifully decorated chawkis can even be made at home. Chunri print cloth with some lovely laces or Mauli can be used to decorate the Chawki of Lord.

Swing/Jhula: it is a custom to position Krishna on a swing, This swing can be decorated with fresh flowers and hangings to make it more appealing.

Flute(bansuri): Since ages it is known that Krishna’s flute vanished all negativities around, it’s a melody of divine love. Placing nice flutes on the day of Janmashtmi in one’s house is supposed to produce the same soothing effect.

Door-hangings: Two full length hangings covering the corner walls of the door, looks extremely elegant on this occasion .They can further be decorated using Krishna pictures, small flutes, Peacock feathers etc.
Wall-hangings: Placing the picture or poster of Lord Krishna in the middle some attractive wall hangings with accessories like mirrors, stones, patch-work can be used.

Idols: Now a days many types of materials are used to make these idols with some beautiful carvings. To Decorating the idol of Lord with new clothes and ornaments is extremely popular as a Janmashtmi activity.

Krishna Janamashtami Video

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