Jhapan Mela is celebrated all over the Western part of the Bengal, the fair is celebrated in the honor of the serpent-deity Manasa, the daughter of Lord Shiva.  The main festivity is observed at Vishnupur in the district of Bankura. Jhapan is the most popular fair in western region of West Bengal.

It is believed that fair was first organized in 17th century in order to welcome King Bir Hambir Malla on his triumphant return after the battle but the trend is still practiced and celebrated with immense pleasure and joy in Vishnupur.

Spectacular and amazing performances of snake charmers with live snakes are the major attraction of the fair. The snake charmers display tricks and astonishing acts with the live, poisonous snakes on decorated open platforms. Snake Charmers bring live venomous snakes of different species in decorated cane made baskets for stunning performances like Cobras, pythons, vipers, rat snakes, kraits and flying snakes.

The Jhapan Mela is celebrated on the last day of the Bengali month of Sravana or in mid August.

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