Every fair and festival of India has some religious or cultural importance. Joranda Mela of Orissa has religious spirit associated with it. Joranda Mela is organized in Joranda of Dhenkanal district, hence the name Joranda Fair. People across India congregate in Joranda to observe this mega fair. The fair is held annually on the full moon day of Hindi calendar month Magha (in February).

This fair is also called Mahima Mela by some because this is the festival celebrated by the followers of Alekh/Mahima religion. The fair goes on for three day, and at that time the Mahima sanyasis from every corner assemble to worship Samadhi Pitha of Mahima Gosain. The devotees who visit the fair mainly consist of sanyasins of the Mahima sect.

A Bairagi is initiated to the superior disciple, Apara Sanyasi during Joranda Mela. Teachings about achieving Nirvana are given to people who come together in the fair. In 1874 Mahima Swami conceptualized the idea of observing a fair for the first time and since then, this fair is being held every year.

A Havan or Yagya is held in ‘Yajna Kund’ as a part of mela celebrations. Thousands of liters of ghee are offered and burned in havan fire to ensure bringing back peace to life on earth and all the people will be gifted with all his basic needs.  Atmosphere reverbs with the sound of ‘Alekh Brahma’ by devotees in rhythmic tone.

Time to celebrate

Joranda Mela is a three days mela held annually on Magh Purnima. This year in 2010, the mela will be on February 28.

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