Kaanum Pongal signifies Tamil family reunions. The fourth and last day of Pongal festivities is referred as Kaanum Pongal where people all over the state go out to places, meet their relatives and friends, socialize and loosen up themselves. The term Kaanum literally refers to see as people go out and mingle with their relatives and friends big time on this day.

Kaanum Pongal marks the conclusion the Pongal festivities. It has to be said that it marks not just a conclusion, but a memorable and sensible end as it brings the families together where felicity and joyfulness have no bounds. Furthermore, Kannum Pongal is even more unique for brothers and sisters as brothers highlight how much they care about their married sisters on this special day by exchanging love and gifts.

Employers across the state gift their employees on the occasion of Kaanum Pongal and youngsters get blessings from elders and elders gift them money or presentations. On the whole, Kaanum Pongal is a day where family values are highly respected.

Families visit picnic spots with lunch packed. They sit in a circular fashion and enjoy their lunch and spend a memorable time forgetting their routines. Even though, Kaanum Pongal started as a festival where landlords thank their employees with gifts, the day has emerged as a common festival as people from all parts of the state celebrate.

On the day of Kaanum Pongal, people throng cinema halls, parks, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, picnic spots, temples and other entertainment spots and have a great time. As a matter of fact, Marina Beach in Chennai witnesses massive crowd every year on Kaanum Pongal.

In a nutshell, Kaanum Pongal gives great opportunities to people to socialize and appreciate the relatives and friends.

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