Badi Teej ka Sinjara is celebrated on the second day of the Krishna Paksh in the month of Bhadon, a day prior to Badi Teej. Sinjara is done to pamper the daughters and the daughters-in-law of the house.

In the morning, after having a head bath, women dress up wearing bright coloured clothes and jewellery. Married daughters, daughters-in-law, husband s sisters and their daughters are invited for the function.

Mehendi is applied and festive food is made in the house. If the daughters are married, saree, blouse, sattu, clothes for the children and money are sent to her. In case the daughter is married and living in another city then along with the gifts, money for sattu is sent.

There is practice of having food on Badi Teej early morning (before sunrise). All women of the family sit together and have food. Generally daughters move to their Mother’s place from their in-laws place on the evening of sinjara. Then all women should sleep back before the sun rise.

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