1kg sattu ka chun (atta).
    Sattu ka chun is made by lightly roasting split chana daal (futane ki daal) and grinding it into a fine powder.
    800 gms of powdered sugar and 800 gms ghee.
    Varak—Silver Foil.
    Dry fruits like almonds, pista.


Mix the sattu ka chun with powdered sugar and pass it through a sieve.
Pour warm ghee into this mixture and immediately bind it into pindaas (shaped like half discs).
In the pindaa made for yourself put a whole gut (dried coconut) in the center of the pindaa. Then cover it with silver varak. You can also put inside the pindaa some almonds, pista cut in different shapes.
Sattu, which are offered to Brahminis, are made smaller in size with either supari or almonds in the centre.
Some small ladoos are also made from the same mixture.


For making different types of sattus, instead of chana daal one can use flour made out of roasted rice, roasted wheat or besan.

    In the first four years of marriage, pindaa is made out of wheat.

    In the next four years, pindaa is made of split chana daal.

    In the next four years, pindaa is made of rice.

    After completing 12 years of marriage, you can make pindaa of your choice.

    Unmarried girls have to eat pindaa made out of wheat only.

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