Ch. Charan Singh Jayanti

Chaudhary Charan Singh Jayanti or the birth anniversary of Ch. Charan Singh is on December 23. It is observed as Kisan Divas or Farmers day. Since, farmers are the backbone of an economy therefore our nation celebrates Farmers Day in the memory of late Ch. Charan Singh, the ex-Prime Minister of India. He was primarily a farmer himself and his life-style was extremely simple. He was a son of the soil and his efforts towards the improvement of an Indian farmer are unparalleled .He is credited for a slew of agrarian reforms and new policies being introduced in India. His peasantry background helped him understand real problems of the farmers.

Chaudhary Charan Singh also framed and implemented the famous Zamindari Abolition Act. His sincere appeal and magnetic persona garnered all the farmers against the moneylenders and landlords. He also introduced an Agricultural Produce Market Bill for the welfare of the farmers.

He was a prolific writer and penned his thoughts on farmers, their problems and solutions.Ch. Charan Singh passed away on 29 May 1987. Kisan Divas is an acknowledgement of his vision of a strong and independent Indian farmer. The entire country celebrates this day. Members of the rural community and farmers organize agricultural shows and pay tribute to their beloved leader. Moreover, new policies concerned with farming, agriculture, seeds etc are announced by the government to reciprocate the hard labour of the Indian Kisan.

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