Kunda Mela is one of the main cattle fairs of Jharkhand and it is held in Chatra district at the time of Phalgun Shivratri. Kunda Mela is mainly organized for cattle trade in Pratappur. The popularity of the fair can be judged by its magnanimous kinds, as large number of people trek through mammoth distances to witness this largest cattle fair of Jharkhand.

The most revered fair of Jharkhand, Kunda Fair is attended by people from all over the states well as the neighboring states, such as West Bengal and Chattisgarh. People participate in this fair largely for their cattle sale. Participants of the fair also attend the fair with other aims of building trade relations with new clients and for the promotion of different species of cattle. Even few of the cattle masters bring their cattle well decked up in fineries and brightly colored attires for their rewarding looks and better sale. 

The Kunda Fair is conducted on the auspicious day of mahashivratri in the Hindu month of Phalgun, for this cause the fair also has religious associations.  As a result of this large number of people from all over the country gather at Pratappur to get drenched in the Holy Spirit prevailing at the site of the fair. The mesmerizing Kunda Mela is not only enjoyed by the traders of cattle, but also other localities of Jharkhand who flock to experience the colorful ambience of the fair.

 How to Reach:

Jharkhand is a well connected state from various parts of India.

By Air:

Ranchi airport is the main airport of Jharkhand which has flights from important place of the country. A number of flights connect Ranchi with Kolkata, Patna, Mumbai and New Delhi.

By Rail:

Ranchi railway station is the main railhead of the state of Jharkhand. Hazaribagh is another important railway station of Jharkhand. Several express trains connect Ranchi and Hazaribagh with Patna, Kolkata and other important places of the country.

By Road:
State capital, Ranchi is situated at the junction of National Highways 23 and 33. Good network of road connects various places of the states with each other and rest of the country. State transport and private buses ply within the state and also to neighboring states like Bihar and West Bengal.

Time to Celebrate

Jharkhand is extremely popular for its culture and diverse tribal groups. There are numerous fairs and Festivals celebrated throughout the year and especially the Cattle fairs are too popular. Kunda Mela is one of the popular cattle fair of Pratappur district.  Kunda Mela is organized on Phalgun Shivratri day.  In 2010, the Kunda Mela is on Feb 12.


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