It is widely known that Valmiki composed the first ever sloka of Sanskrit literature. History dates that once Valmiki went near river Ganga for his daily chores, Also, a disciple named Bharadwaja was carrying his clothes. Passing through the Tamasa Stream, Valmiki remarked that “the water looks so clean like a good man’s mind; I want to bathe here today.”

Just at that point he heard two birds chirping merrily, He felt very serene at the glance of a happy and joyous couple. Suddenly, one of them fell down; hit by an arrow, a Hunter had shot the bird for his food. The bird left alive was crying with agony, Valmiki felt terrible grief at the sight and plight of that bird, and uttered the following words:

mAnishAda pratishTAtum samagah ssAshvatIssamAh
yat krouncha mithunAdEkam sokam avadhIm kAma mOhitam

"Oh! Ill-fated Hunter, by which reason you have killed one male bird of the couple, When it is in its lustful passion,
thereby you will get an ever-lasting reputation for ages to come...

 This was the first Sloka of Sanskrit literature.

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