A Valmiki temple is called Ashram, which means a monastery, which means a communal house for Valmiki’s devotees. Each such Ashram is dedicated to attracting devotees’ concentration and to spread the teachings of Ramayana.


    * All Valmiki ashrams have a special flag called a Nishan Sahib that is places outside like any other place of worship.
    *  The Bow and arrow depict the disciples of Valmiki, namely-Luv and Kush. Many devotees are suggested that when the distance of ashram seems unreachable to them, they can simply have a copy of Ramayana placed in their houses.
    * All Valmiki Ashram s have common features. For instance, the place of worship is always in a special room and there are number of other rooms’ set-aside for special purposes.
    *  There is a Langar hall where all the devotees congregate for a meal, the community kitchen where devotees help to prepare food for the Langer.
    *  A classroom and library where the Ramayana is stocked for study and is used for teaching young children.
    * A music room where musical instruments such as the Tabla are taught and hymns are practiced for worship.
    * Finally, there is a special area for shoes and washing.
    * All Valmikis follow certain rules of conduct and before entering the worship room everyone is expected to remove their shoes as a sign of respect but also for general cleanliness.
    * Everyone sits on the floor to show that everyone is equal in the eyes of God, regardless of whether they come from a rich or poor background.
    *  However, It is usually found that men and women sit separately. The women tend to sit on the left side of the room whilst the men sit on the right.
Valmiki Ashrams In India:

    * Valmiki Tirath, Amritsar.
    * Bhagwan Valmik Ashram, Chitrakut.
    * Bhagwan Valmiki Ashram, Bithur.
    * Bhagwan Valmiki Ashram, Panchkuiyaa-Delhi.
    * Bhagwan Valmiki Ashram, Uttar Pradesh.
    * Bhagwan Valmiki Ashram, Kurukshetra.
    * Bhagwan Valmiki Ashram, Kankhal-Haridwar.
    * Bhagwan Valmiki Ashram, Chandigarh.
    * Bhagwan Valmiki chowk, Fatehbad-Hariyana.
    * Bhagwan Valmiki chowk, Hissar-Hariyana.
    * Bhagwan Valmiki Bhawan, Sannor, Patiala

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