Makara Sankranti is a renowned festival in Jammu and Kashmir. Since, it is the precursor of spring therefore this festival is held amidst great pomp and gaiety in this chilly region. This solar transition marks the beginning of a pleasant season when the chirping of birds and the fresh vegetation revives the valley. This festival is also a way of bidding farewell to the sharp bites of winter and welcoming the new spring of life. On this day the entire region bedecks itself in a gorgeous manner and wears a festive look.

The holy occasion is marked by ceremonial bathing in the sacred rivers or streams. In each and every house of Jammu and Kashmir Havan or Yagnas are performed. This indicates the driving away of the evil spirits and welcoming of the good ones, so that each household remains free from affliction throughout the year.
Lohri and Makar Sankranti Celebrations in Jammu & Kashmir

In the rural parts of Jammu the young boys wander in the streets and ask for presents from the parents of a newborn baby or a newly wedded couple. A special form of dance presentation known as the Chajja, is also performed by the young boys on this festival. Their look comprises of a Chajja which is decorated with colored papers and flowers. The whole atmosphere comes alive when they dance in tune to the pulsating drumbeats for this spectacular event.

Such festival brings in happiness and unity, ensuring tranquility in the state. In India harmony is a pre-requisite for a better existence, hence such pageantry is always welcomed with gusto.

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