What is Minjar Fair?

Minjar Fair is an annual fare organized in the state of Himachal Pradesh. People from all around the world gather in this time to offer prayers to the Laxmi Narayan Temple and celebrate throughout the week. The main attractions of the fair are folk singing and dancing. The fair mirrors the traditions in India in a very well manner. The fair starts with the distribution of Minjar which is a silk tassel worn on front parts of the dress by men and women alike

When is Minjar Fair held?

The Minjar fair starts from the last Sunday of July and continues till one week with great grandeur in the state of Himachal Pradesh.
Minjar fair

History Of Minjar fair:

Historically river Ravi used to flow between Champawati Temple and Hari Rai Temple, Because of which it was very difficult for people to reach the other temple if they were on either side.The then Raja of himachal Pradesh asked a saint to make the temple of Hari Rai accessible to people. The saint called the Raja and his people to the Champavati Temple and performed a Yaga in which various Sadhus from Benaras were also invited. These sadhus used a colored stick called Minjar to perform yaga. Surprisingly, as a result of this Yaga the course of river Ravi changed and people could easily access The temples.As the Yaga lasted for a week, therefore this fair lasts for a week.

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