The festival of Mondei is an extremely popular festival celebrated in the Nabarangpur District of Odisha. The celebration of the festival can well be understood from its nomenclature as the name Mondei is derived from the Hindi word “Mondi” that means a small market place

Mondei Festival witnesses a large congregation of devotees from all over India, who worship a common deity. This offering of prayers to deity is done amidst traditional rituals and customs. The festival celebrations are accompanied with a fair organized by the natives. Apart from the traditional rituals and customs there are dance and music performances that are held every year.

An attractive feature of the festive celebration involves tribal opera that extends throughout the night. The time of celebrations is generally after harvest in the month of October-November.

The festival is celebrated at different locations within the district wherein men and women from nearby places gather to participate. Traditionally, a district level program presently it attracts tourists from national level. Various programs are organized to suit all classes of audiences.

Various activities like Rural sporting, Mountain trekking, Kavi Sammelan, Crafts mela, Artist camps, Pallishree mela, Development exhibition, Open quiz and Folk dances are organized. Colorful processions keep the festive spirit lively.

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