Narsi Mehta Jayanti is celebrated in fond remembrance of Narsinh Mehta (Narsi Bhagat), the great Gujarati saint-poet who lived between 1414 and 1481. His lifetime is varied considered as 1409-1488 by some historians. That was the time when Bhakti movement was in vogue pioneered by the South Indian saints. Sri Narsi Mehta is a proponent of Vaishnava poetry and is celebrated as the ‘Adi Kavi’ in Gujarati literature (the first ever poet). This year, Narsi Mehta Jayanti  falls on December

About Narsi Mehta

Narsi Mehta was a Bhakti saint of 14-15th century AD,who hailed from Talaja, Gujarat. He lost his parents when he was around 5 years and was brought up by his grandmother. History has it that he was not able to speak until the age of 8. With his extreme devotion and love for Lord Krishna, he had the fortune to get His vision on several occasions. Like other Bhakti saints, being emotional in nature, he used to sing and dance in ecstasy, immensely absorbed in devotion of the lord.

Once, when he felt humiliated at home, he went to a forest and meditated for a week sitting near an isolated Shivlinga. According to history, Shiva appeared before him and on the poet’s request took him to Brindavan and allowed him spectacle the ‘Raasleela’ of Lord Krishna and the gopis. The poet was engrossed in the eternal bliss after getting the vision. On Lord Krishna’s command, he started singing His praise and the ecstatic experience of the ‘Rasa’.

Narsi Mehta - Places of Significance

Narinh Matha Chora is an important place where Narsi Mehta used to organize and conduct religious discourses and sing devotional songs. In this place, there still exists a small temple of Gopinath, where there are idols of Shri Damodar Raiji and Shri Narsi Mehta. He died at the age of 79 at Mangrol. His crematorium, called ‘Narsinh Nu Samshan’, is a place where many saints, sadhus, and followers pay homage to this great saint.

Literary Works of Narsi Mehta

Narsi Mehta has written 22,000 kirtans or poetic compositions. His poetry on ‘Rasaleela’ of Radha and Krishna is classified as "Shringar" composition. Some of his compositions are known by the following names: Pada , Prabhatiya and Aakhyan . It is widely accepted that many spiritual truths are revealed in his poems. Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite poem “Vaishnava Jan To” is from Sri Narsi Mehta’s poetic composition.

Narsi Mehta Jayanti

Narsi Mehta Jayanti is celebrated in the state of Gujarat. Devotees and followers of Saint Narsi Mehta remember and sing his poems filled with ecstasy and bliss. In educational institutions, various competitions and activities are conducted to remember and bring in awareness of this famous saint and poet of Gujarat. His poems and song are an invaluable gift to all music lovers. Even today, many saints celebrate his compositions for the devotion, love, bliss, and the ecstasy they impart while singing them.

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