Many people enjoy their New Year Eve by simply joining personal parties with their friends and family. Basically India strongly follows the culture of family life so still the tradition of discotheques and dance clubs is not that popular in the country. Personal parties are still more common in different parts of the country. New Year Eve party includes delicious cuisine accompanied by music and dance of the family members but games add another star to the enjoyment on the eve.

There are options of many amusing and exciting indoor games which can be played on the New Year eve. Playing such games also treasures exciting memories in every one’s heart which keep rejuvenating through out the year. Commonly played games in the New Year Evenings includes Scrabble, Chinese whisper, passing the parcel, memory games and many more. Choice of games should be such, that it can include players from every genre from old to young and elders to kids. Following are few of the unique game ideas for the New Year Eve:



Musical Chair

This is the game, which can be played and enjoyed by people of all age groups. Kids play this game with full excitement and add color to the New Year’s celebration while elder people memorize their days of youth and relive those thrilling moments of their life. This game makes the celebration a bit active and interesting.


  • Chairs are arranged, one less than the number of people.
  • Short snippet of music is played while the people move around these chairs.
  • Those playing the game move around the chair.
  • When the music stops everyone tries to sit on a vacant chair.
  • The person who doesn t find a chair is out .
  • Similarly, one chair is taken out after every round.
  • Person who is left at the end of the game is declared the winner.

New year Musical Chair


Newspaper Game

This game is also amusing and lovely one. The game is played in the parties, which include couples. The game is musical and also includes dancing, truly the most interesting one for couples.


  • All couples come on the dancing floor.
  • According to number of teams, newspapers are totally opened and spread on the floor.
  • Each couple has to take position on one of the Newspaper spread on the floor.
  • Music is played and couple has to dance on the beats with the area of paper and should not come out of it.
  • After each short snippet of music, Newspaper is half folded and again the music is started.
  • Couples have to take care of not coming out from the limited area of the newspaper, those failing this are out of the game.
  • With the each new snippet of music, paper is folded and dancing area becomes shorter and shorter making the game more difficult and interesting.
  • The couple remaining on the floor till the end is declared the winner.



Funny Face Contest

This game is played and enjoyed by people of all ages. The game includes loads of fun and laughter. People playing the game forget their all worries and get involved in gratification and celebration of the New Year Eve.



  • Take picture of all the guests present in the party one by one.
  • Have them make a funny face and be sure to tell them there is a prize for the best face.
  • After taking all the snaps, download these to computer or laptop.
  • Gather everyone around the monitor and let everyone see all the snaps.
  • The winner will be judged on the blast of greatest laughter.



The Grouping Game

This game is again enjoyed by the people of all age groups. The game is the good method to cause interaction between unknown people and joining each one in the spirit of joy and celebration.


  • It starts out as everyone collects in one big group.
  • The leader initially calls out a number, usually a number between two and fifteen.
  • The number shouldn t be more than half of the number of total participants.
  • When the number is called out everyone must try to collect in a group that contains that number of people.
  • The group members should be latching arms or have their arms wrapped around each other so that the leader can see who is in the group.
  •  If someone cannot enter a group because the number of required members has been reached, he is out of the game.
  • As different numbers are successively called out the number of participants gets smaller and smaller.
  • Eventually, there are less than ten people. The last group, or winning group, should have anywhere from two to five people.

Dumb Actions (Dumb Charades)

This is again the game full of enjoyment and fun. The game is played between different teams of size ranging from 5 to 8 members each. The game is commonly played in the small sized parties.


  • All players are divided into different teams.
  • One team decides the name of the movie and whispers it to a single player from the opposite team.
  • The player has to act the name of the movie in the best possible way, to make it understood by his team members in the minimum time.
  • The player while enacting the name of the movie should not utter a single word and even avoid the lip movement.
  • Time taken to guess the name of the movie by the team is noted down and the same steps are followed by the opposite team.
  • If any team fails to guess the movie the 1 point is granted to that team.
  • At the end, the team with the least number of points or 0 points wins the game.

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