It’s that time of the year again when our minds don’t think anything else but of partying and celebrating to the most. Yes, you guessed it right. Its New Year’s Eve. And the countdown to the New Year has begun.

New Year TipsEverybody is in a party mood. Celebrations have been planned at various places across the country. Whether its hotels, pubs or discos, all have braced themselves up wonderfully to welcome the New Year with open arms. On the night of 31st December, when the clock ticks 12, the whole world will usher in New Year and the celebrations across the world will reach a high.

You too must be gearing up to wear your party hats to raise a toast to the New Year. But before you revel in the New Year Masti, we suggest you some tips. They will certainly make your New Year eve celebrations more exciting and memorable.

  • If you and your bunch of friends have decided to ring in the New Year by attending a party at a hotel, then its better to reach the ‘hip and happening place’ together instead of going alone by one’s own vehicle. By pooling the vehicle, you will not only be contributing in reducing heavy traffic that is a common feature on the New year’s eve, but also have fun all along the way.

  • New Year is the time when no body minds boozing with friends. But if you are heavily drunk, make sure that you do not drive. Don’t try to show your manliness by driving in a drunken state. Ask your friend to drop you at home. Drinking, mixed with driving does more harm than good.

  • If you are bored of throwing the same New Year bash every year at your home, then try something different this time. No, we are not asking you to leave your place, but we simply want to say that ask your friends to come dressed up according to a particular theme. And arrange for a prize that would be awarded who comes best dressed up. This will certainly add fun to the party.

  • At New Year’s Eve, everybody takes resolutions but only for one’s own self. Take a resolution this time that you would take out some time from your busy schedule during the year and educate a child who cannot afford school education. And make sure that you fulfill your resolution.

  • Who says one can’t celebrate at home? In fact, home is the best place. You too can make your new year exciting at home. You just have to sit together with your family members, have ‘Ghazar ka Halwa’ with them and discuss your plans for the New Year. Your eve would certainly be exciting.

  • Fun and Masti are a part of New Year celebrations but not at the cost of somebody else’s peace. If an old person or some patient stays near house, then try to keep the volume of your music systems a little low. There is no point in having fun when the others are getting disturbed.

  • Take out your all your crackers which you didn’t burst at Diwali. This is the perfect time to burst them. But don’t forget the rules that you kept in mind at Diwali. Always lit the crackers from a distance and keep a bucket of water always ready with you.

  • In the age of cell phones and internet, we have forgotten to wish our near and dear ones in person. SMSes and e-cards have become a rage amongst us. New Year is the best time when one can catch up friends and relatives. Go to their places and give them your good wishes. Your loved ones will surely admire this gesture of yours.

  • In the midst of celebrations, we usually forget when the dawn sets in. It’s always wise to finish the celebrations at a proper time and go to sleep. Its not wise idea to reach office late on the first working day of the New Year.

  • Don’t shake a leg too much on the dance floor at the party. If you feel you are tired, just relax. Don’t dance all night just because some body is asking you to do so. On the first day of the New Year, should be fully charged and active.
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