Ekadashi, which falls in the Shukla Paksh of the month of Jyeshtha, is known as Nirjala Ekadashi. Lots of people fast on this day without drinking any water. If you cannot stay without having any water, then just have fruits and milk on this day.

People who want to fast on only one Ekadashi, should fast on this one. The fasting on Nirjala Ekadashi removes ill effects from one’s life.

Preparations for the Puja

  • Baayna- karva (clay pot with spout), sugar, mangoes, money.
  • If the married sister or daughter resides in same city, Baayna is sent to her house
  • The clay matka, along with water, sugar in the lid, fruits and dakshina for Brahmin.
  • Seedha- wheat flower, sugar, daal, ghee, turmeric powder, salt, potatoes and green vegetables along with dakshina. These items are packed separately and then given to the Brahmin.

Vidhi/ Method of performing Puja

  • In the morning give clay matka with water, sugar on the lid, fruit and dakshina to the Brahmin.
  • For Baayna, in a karva fill water, put some sugar on the lid, mangoes and money. Drwa a Sathiya and put 7 or 13 tikkis with roli on the Karva. After this, sprinkle roli and chawal on the karwa, apply tikka to yourself. Covering your hands with saree pallu/ odni, rotate them over the karwa for about four times. Then, give it to your mother-in-law and seek her blessings.
  • Baayna could also be given to your elder sister-in-law or any woman elder to you. If you are alone in the house, you can keep the Baayna in the puja rom and later, either give it to the Brahmin or sent it to any temple.
  • Some people, on this day, offer mangoes, thermos, water bottles, etc to the Brahmins.
  • Some people fill water in the suraahi and give them along with the fruits, sugar, lemon, umbrella in the name of pitars to the Brahmins. They can also send these to the temples for pujaris.
  • People also put pyavo of water outside the house for facilitating people with drinking water.
  • On the day Ekadashi, one does not eat or give away cereals. So on the next day, i.e. dwadashi, seedha is given to the Brahmin to whom the clay matka was given on the day of Ekadashi.

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