The festival of Onam is celebrated for duration of 10 days, with each day having its own importance and festivities associated with it. The first day and the last day of the festival have special significance. Specially the people of Kerela wait for these 10 days throughout the year.

    1.     Atham:  Being the first day of the festival it has great significance to it. People start the day with early bath, prayers and a fixed menu of breakfast. One important feature of this day is people start to craft Pookalam, also called Athapoo, which is a floral mat, prepared with fresh flowers, to welcome the spirit of Holy king Mahabali.

    2.     Chithira: People start this day with offering prayers. Boys of the house have the job of arranging fresh flowers and girls try and decorate athapoo. Also, various discussions amongst adults start on this day.

    3.     Chodhi: Although no set ritual exists for the third day, people and specially ladies engage themselves in a spree of shopping for new clothes, and gifts.

    4.     Visakam: Active participation is seen from all the members of the family , with mothers generally engaged in making pickles and papads, girls decorating the Athapoo, and the spree of shopping continues.

    5.     Anizham: The main attraction of the day remains the famous Boat race called Vallamkali. Many traditionally decorated boats are seen participating on the banks of river Pumba.

    6.     Thriketa: This day is seen as a day of get-together and cultural programs.

    7.     Moolam: The Athapoo, is made into a new form with kondattam (gaiety) on it.

    8.     Pooradam: Poorada Uttigal, clay idols are made on this day, called Ma.

    9.     Uthradam: This day sees a public holiday, and is also called as the first Onam. People feel elated to welcome the spirit of King Mahabali.

    10.     Thiru Onam: The last day of Onam is also termed as Second Onam. Onaashmsakal, "To everyone, Onam Wishes" chanting is heard all through the state. People take early bath, offer prayers and wear new clothes. Dances, games and several other activities are observed throughout the day.

ओणम के 10 दिनो में क्या क्या होता है ये सब हिंदी में पढ़िये, क्लिक करें

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