Onam is not only the most popular festival of Kerala, its soul rests on acts of bravery. As the people of Kerala make lavish display of their talents and culture, the Men folk is commonly seen playing games that include acts of bravery. The most famous games commonly encountered are:

  • Onakalikal
It is a common name for all the games that are played during the festival of Onam over a period of ten-days. The sports are energy-oriented and are generally played by men.
  • Talappanthukali
This game involves a ball, and is played in groups.

  • Kayyankali
This game is totally based on strength, and is a one to one fight between men. This sport is immensely popular and huge crowd of spectators view and enjoy this wrestling sort of fight.
  • Attakala
Kayyankali being a one on one fight and that too a rough one, attakalam is also a fight but is performed in groups and less severe. 

  •  KutuKutuKutukutu
It is a game similar in many ways to the popular game of Kabaddi, yet it involves much higher strength, will, zeal, patience, tactics, and skill set. 

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