Onam festival is celebrated with lots of dance, music and fun oriented activities. Different forms of dance have their traditional songs collectively termed as “Onappattu”.

One of the popular songs that highlights the contribution of King Mahabali is:

When Mahabali ruled the land
Everyone was equal
Happily they lived
Danger befell none
There was no falsehood, or fraud
And no untruth.

Thumbi Thullal Song

"Onnam thumbiyum oru pattam makkalum
koode para para thumbi thullu...
thumbi erumballa, chemballa, odalla...
thumbicku orumani ponmaala.. "

"Entha thumbi... thullathe.. poovu poranjo, pookudam poranjo ?
entha thumbi thullathe ? "

"randam thumbiyum oru pattam makkalum...

ओणम के लोक गीतों का वीडियो देखने और हिंदी में जानकारी के लिये यहां क्लिक करें

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