As the main reason behind the restriction based Paryusahn lies in attaining Salvation and to purify ones’s Karma and deeds. Thus, on the last day of Paryushan called Samvatsari, many individuals ask for forgiveness, to the one’s they would have somehow hurted in the past and all the past quarrels, misunderstandings are sorted out to attain peace of mind and relief of soul.

As the Humans spend a very busy life which does not give them the time and space to perform charity or to sort out differences with fellow beings, these 8-10 days of purification help them to do so. The Festival thus takes one soul to upliftment.
Great Jain Acharya has said that:

“Kshama Viram Bhushanam, Kshamavani Michhami Dukkadam”

which means that to ask for forgiveness is the highest virtue for Human Beings and if anywhere in one’s life, one has caused hurt to anyone, this occasion should be utilized in asking forgiveness for it.

There are several great aphorisms (Sutras) to ask for forgiveness with the unity of the body, speech and mind, and one of them is as follows:

Khämemi Savve Jivä, Savve Jivä Khamantu Mi

Mitti Me Savva bhuesu, Veram majjham na Kenai.

Meaning: I forgive all the living beings of the universe, and may all the living-beings forgive me for my faults. I do not have any animosity towards anybody, and I have friendship for all living beings.

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