Pratikramana literally means “turning back” During Paryushan; the Jains are expected to reflect back on their past’s spiritual journey and faiths. The lost faiths are regained and established more firmly. As spiritual enlightment is connecting to One’s soul, it can also be referred to as a form of meditation. In Gigambara Jains Pratikramana is also sometimes referred as samayika.

Pratikramana includes:

    * Samayika: to stay in equanimity by withdrawing to the self.
    * Prayers to the Five Supremes, 24 Jinas and the 4 mangalas, including the Dharma as presented by the ancient Masters.


    * Prayer to the Master (Guru) or the Deity.
    * Reflections on vratas and past transgressions.
    * Kayotsarga: detachment from the body by controlling it.
    * Pratyakhyan: making resolutions for the next period (next year for Samvatsari Pratikramana).

For all the above elements there is also a fixed posture that is described.

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