The state of Kerala in India is a tourist’s delight with its amazing beautiful back waters that run throughout the state. The best way to enjoy these back waters is to witness the amazing boat Race festivals held here every year across different seasons. One of the most famous boat Race festivals in Kerala is the Payippad Boat Race.

The Payippad Boat Race of Kerala is held in Payippadu near Haripad in Kerala. The boat Race is a time to have fun and indulge in festivity in galore. It attracts thousands of tourists every year with its charm of vivacity and galore.

As the name suggests this festival has a major attraction of boat Races. The boats used in this festival are termed as Snake boats as they resemble snakes in their appearances. These 100 feet long boats can accommodate around 100 people at a time. A single boat generally comprises of oarsmen and musicians who sing and shout throughout the event making the environment rise in verve and energy.

The event lasts for three days and organized in the month of August/September. Apart from the boat Races, there are a number of cultural and folk performances that are organized by the state administration. The basis of the festival lies in the commemoration of the installation of the idol at the Subramanyan Swamy Temple in Haripad.

Historical Races

According to legends, the residents of Haripad village once decided to build a temple, with the presiding deity being Sree Ayyappa. Before the idol was installed the villagers had some kind of a prophetic enlightment in which they were directed to install the idol of Sri Subramanya Swamy which could be found under a whirlpool in the Kayamkulam River.

As obedient devotees, divers and swimmers from the village rowed to the whirlpool and brought back the Subramanya vigrah in a boat. This idol was then installed in the temple, amid much jamboree. So in mark of respect to this legendary episode, Kerala Payippad Jalotsavam is conducted every year.

How to Reach There

The festival is held every year at the Payippad lake near Payippad, Alappuzha

Location: About 35 km from Alappuzha near Harippad
Nearest Railway Station: Harippad about 5km away
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport, about 85 km from Alappuzha

Time for Celebration

The festival of Payippad Boat Race is organized every year in the month of August-September. According to the Malayalam calendar it falls in the month of Chingam.

Payippad Boat Race Videos

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