Pitr-Paksha or Mahalay Paksha is the dark fortnight which falls during the Hindu calendar months of Ashvin and Bhadrapad (September to October). According to the Hindu mythology, during Pitr-Paksha deceased ancestors from Lord Yamaraja s region visit their homes on earth during this time.

This fortnight is a time for performing rites, Shraaddha, to deceased ancestors to keep their souls gratified for years. It is obligatory in Hindu tradition for a son to perform Shraadh for their ancestors as it is a form of paying regards to them.

Also it is believed that whatever offering is made during this time, directly reaches to one’s forefathers. It is only after the Shraddha, that a son attains a position among the Petris or Divine Fathers in their blissful abode called Pitri-loka

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Create A beautiful Tribute to your Ancestors and Beloved ones who are no more with you:-

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