During the period of Pitr Paksha, children- specifically the sons of the family are supposed to perform the ritual of “Shradh” on the “Tithi” of the death of their fathers and mothers.

The food and prayers offered during this time is believed to reach directly to the ancestors. It is during this fortnight in the entire year that the Atmas of our ancestors transcend to earth with the permission of “Yamaraj” to give blessings to their children and receive their offerings.

  • In making the offering of Shradh, the first offering should be made to the Deity of fire(agni), as by making this offering the Rakshas are not able to do any disturbance to the process of Shradh.


  • The cake offered during Shradh Puja, is supposed to be offered to the descended father first, then the grandfather and finally to the great grand-father. These offerings would reach to one’s ancestors only if done with true intentions and devotion. During the offering of the cake, Savitri mantra should be chanted and other mantras as guided by some religious practitioners.


  • Tarpan, that is offering of water, an important ritual for the entire Pitr-Paksha, should be performed.


  • Gifts and clothes are then distributed to the Brahmin, as a part of the Shradh ceremony.


  • This performance of Shradh and Tarpan, relieve the ancestors from hunger and provide peace to their soul.

Create A beautiful Tribute to your Ancestors and Beloved ones who are no more with you:-
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