In the memory of their ancestors Hindus perform religious offerings of water called Tarpan during Pitr Paksha. These offerings are made to the Gods, Rishis, Devas, and especially to one’s ancestors. “Tarpan” is offered during all 15 days in Pitr Paksha. As this rite is very religious and has specific significance thus, there is a fixed manner to offer Tarpan, which as follows:

  • In a dish of half filled water add some milk, sugar, honey, a few grains of barley, a few drops of ghee, and flowers petals.


  • Now face east and keep 3 pieces of Kush grass across both palms forming a cup and offer this water in the dish – NOT on the ground – in the name of as many deities as possible.


  • Then face north and offer water in the name of the Rishis


  • Then face south and now add Till ( Sesame seeds) into the water and offer this in the name of the Pitrs (forefathers).


  • Only after all offerings have been completed then the dish of water is dropped on a plant.


  • This can be repeated as many days as one desires in the 15 days.

Create A beautiful Tribute to your Ancestors and Beloved ones who are no more with you:-

पितृों का तर्पण कैसे करें ये हिंदी में पढ़ें और वीडियो से समझें, क्लिक करें

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