The annual fair held at Pushkar in the month of Kartik is the largest cattle fair in the entire Asia. Visitors and tourists from all over the world gather here to witness the participation of numerous camels, horses, cows, mules, goats and sheep along with their masters, which is one of its kind spectacles. Some of the major attractions at this colorful occasion are:


  • The first five days of the fair is dedicated to buying and selling of cattle. This process normally takes a lot of days as initially the sellers lure customers by praising their animals and when there is a deal there are lots of negotiations that take place. After the cattle are sold it is decorated and ornamented.
  • One of the major attractions especially for women is shopping. Some of the most exquisite and awesome varieties of ornaments, accessories and other jewelry is available at different stalls. These craftsmen engage in this craft for the whole year and wait for the fair to make some profits. Numerous stalls of trinkets, silver ornaments, chains, nose rings, necklaces, waistbands, anklets, toe rings, hairpins and the ivory bangles worn from wrist to shoulder are what attract the women in the fair. Garments and tattoos are also very popular among womenfolk.
  • On the last two days of the fair many cultural and amusement activities are organized for the visitors to have loads of fun and frolic. Camel Races, Musical Chairs for Camels, Camel Beauty Contest and Laadoo Oonth are some of them. These activities are for every age group and indeed there is something to enjoy for every visitor to the fair.
  • The main ceremony of ritual bath in the Pushkar Lake is done on the Full moon day of Kartik punima. Pushkar Lake is believed to posses some medicinal properties.
  • Camel races are very popular among visitors from across the world. On the full moon days, a tented city is created around the Pushkar Lake, where these races are held. Spectators and participants both have a gala time during the races.
  • Necklaces of glass beads from Naguar, pottery, printed textiles from Jodhpur and Ajmer are all on sale here
  • Pilgrims flock from all over India to be in Pushkar at this auspicious time. They also believe that all the 330 million Gods and Goddesses are present at Pushkar Lake during the occasion.


Pushkar Fair


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