Ram Lila, the enactment of the story of Lord Rama is celebrated for five days every year in the last week of February at Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh.  Ram Lila at Chitrakoot starts on the auspicious day of mahashivratri. Large numbers of people reach Chitrakoot to witness this presentation of cycle- play for five consecutive days. ramlila.JPG

Ram Lila performed at Chitrakoot is believed to be based on the Ramcharitmanas, written by great Saint Tulsidas. The Rama Lila performance evokes a festive atmosphere and enables observance of religious rites. It is also rich in performance of crafts such as costume jewelry, masks, headgear, make-up and decoration.

Devotees consider that Ram Lila at Chitrakoot is an important performance of all. It is believed that during one of the scene in the performance, the Lila of Bharat-Milap, Lord Rama himself appears in the person playing role of Rama. Spectators believe that they are blessed with the divine darshan of Lord Rama himself in the role of the artist playing Rama. Thousands of people enjoy this marvelous and delightful enactment with tears of joy.

In 2010, Ram Lila at Chitrakoot will begin from February 12.

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