According to Hindu Mythology and texts, Lord Rama was the seventh avatar of Vishnu and an exceptional and legendary king of Ayodhya. The complete details of Lord Rama’s life and principles is detailed in Ramayana one of the greatest Indian epics.


Observing his life man gets the true lesson of “dharma” towards one’s parents, towards one’s state, one’s wife, brothers, people around and standing amidst all odds and difficulties if one’s Dharma so requires. As ordered by his father, Ramachandra went to take 14 long years of exile in forests, accompanied by his wife Sita and brother Lakshman.

Ravana, king of Lanka and possessor of great powers deceived Sita and kidnapped her. In protection of his wife, Rama carried out rigorous search, and a ferocious battle of mind and strength to free Sita of Ravan’s custody. Ramlila an enactment of Ramayana basically focuses on Rama’s exile to forests and hid victory over Ravana.

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