This puja is performed on the Amaavasya day in the month of Bhadon. On this day, the puja is conducted at the Rani Sati Dadi mandir, located in the town of Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan.

This 400-year old temple is a testimony of feminine bravery and motherhood. There is no statue or image in the mandir, instead a trident is worshipped, which according to the Hindu Philosophy, is the supreme might.

People generally go to Rani Sati Dadi mandir for performing the puja.

Preparation for the Puja

    Roli, moli, mehendi, chawal

    Kajal, bangles, sindoor, coconut/gut

    Prasad, deepak, kalash, money

    Sweet puda, puda with ghughra [zigzag design edge

Vidhi / Method of performing Puja

    Wash the wooden stool or pata and make a sathiya with roii. Then put 13 tikkis each of roli, mehendi and kajal on the patta.

    13 pieces of coconut, 2 sweet puda and one puda with Ghughra design, moli and dakshina are offered.

    Deepak and incense sticks are lit.

    Tikka is applied.

    Aarti is sung.

    Jai Shri Rani Sati maiyya……………………………..

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