The famous Rani Sati Mandir in Jhunjhunu has a history of more than 400 years and is a commanding testimony to feminine bravery and motherhood with rich tales of history that captivate the fancy of all tourists. Counted among the magnum opus temples of India, Rani Sati Temple in Jhunjhunu is famous for its paintings.
It is one of the earliest pilgrimages in the country. This imposing historic masterpiece is unparalleled in its appeal and is a delight to all eyes.

Lakhs of tourists from all over the world come to visit this temple and seek blessings from Rani Sati.

Jhunjhunu Rani Sati Temple is the epitome of secular thoughts of India as followers of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain follow and worship Shri Rani Sati ji with equal piety, devotion and unwavering faith.

The most characteristic feature of Jhunjhunu Shri Rani Sati Temple is that there is no statue or image of any female or male Gods. A trident in the form of power and force is worshiped, which as per the Hindu religion, is the supreme might.

A splendid portrait of the Rani Sati ji is located in the Pardhan Mand with the imposing Shikhar.

The entire edifice in white marble is charming. The main Temple of Shri Rani Satiji is the place for the main sanctum sanctorum. The temple also boasts colorful wall paintings. The temple is graced with fine murals which bear the unmistakable imprint of bearing the brunt of time.

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