West Bengal is the festive land which celebrates many colorful festivals and Rash Mela is one such festival. Rash Mela is mainly celebrated in the district Cooch Behar, West Bengal. The month long fair is one of the most important fairs of this region.

Rash Mela


The most popular annual festival of Bengal is celebrated in honor of Lord Krishna and his eternal love Sri Radhika.

The Rash Festival is observed to memorize the glorious days of Lord Krishna in Vrindyavan spent with Shri Radhikaji deeply lost in their perpetual love.

The Rash Yatra is mainly celebrated in northern parts of Bengal but these days also observed in different cities of the state. The popular procession called Rash Yatra, is the main attraction for tourists, the yatra features clay models which
depicts the deeds and various phases of Lord Krishna’s life.

Nowadays the festival has taken the form of communal celebrations while in older days was only limited to royal families.

These days also during the time of Rash Mela, Rajbari the palace of Cooch Behar is festooned beautifully and adorns a jovial appearance all around the palace retaining the imperial customs and traditions. The month-long fair is the biggest festival of the region and thousands of people from across the state participate.

Visitors from distant places reach at Cooch Behar to witness the carnival. Many cultural programs are organized which provide platform for singers, dancers and musicians all over the west Bengal along with this many renowned artists of the state are also invited to perform during the month long festival.

Besides the cultural activities festival also presents various stalls of delicacies to pamper taste buds of the visitors. Popular Bengali sweets like Rasogolla, Jilipi, Goja and many other Bengali dishes can be experienced at these stalls. Fair also provides the rich collection of local handicrafts and different products for sale.

Time for celebration

The month long carnival of Rash Festival is very popular in the country and attracts tourists from far long places. Large number of crowd reaches Cooch Behar for witnessing the fun filled occasion of Rash Festival. Rash Festival is celebrated for a month time in the month of December.

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