Ratha Saptami or Saptami Tithi is devoted to the Lord Surya (Sun God). It is also called Magha Saptami. People believe that Lord Surya began his process of giving light to the entire universe on this special day and this day is also known as date of birth of Lord Surya. This day is also known as Surya Jayanti. This is a very important day and is considered most auspicious if you want to give donations for charitable activities. This day is the best manner in which you can come out of all the sins and mistakes that you have made.

It is a common belief that there are seven types of sins. One of them is known as ‘knowingly done sins’ in which the person knows about the sin or he does it with purpose. Another sin is unknowingly done in which the person does the sin without his knowledge. Yet another type of sin is by mind in which the person has very bad thoughts in his minds. ‘By sin’ is one more type in which the person says bad words. The sixth type is ‘by body sins’, in which the person does the sin by doing some hard to another person. Sometimes the person is liable for the sin that was done in the last birth, is the seventh kind of sin.

Rituals of Ratha Saptami

On the day of ratha saptami the person should take bath before the sun rises. The snan of Ratha Saptami is among the major rituals and it is advised that this has to be done in sun rise only. The Arunodaya time wins through the four types of ghatis. This ghati is the period of half an hour for the places in India provided that we suppose that the duration of ghati is 24 minutes before the sun rises. It is believed that if you take bath before the sun rises on this day then you can remain healthy, wealthy and you can get rid of all the illnesses. As you can get in the better health, this day of Ratha Saptami is also named as Arogya Saptami. If you take bath in the river, or canal then it will be better than you take a bath at your house.

If you want to do this then you should take bath in this Arunodaya period and after this bath you should pray to the Lord Surya at the time of the sunrise and you should also provide the ardhyadan to the Lord Surya. In this ardhyadan, one should offer the water very slowly to the Lord surya with help of a small pot named Kalaash. After this you should enlighten the lamps with pure ghee and offer your prayers too. This day is also known as the Achala Saptami.The Rath means the chariot in which the Lord Surya goes.

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