Republic day celebrations take place with patriotic fervor and zest in schools as the children in all grades learn about India’s political history, freedom struggle and the Constitution as a part of their curriculum. They learn how the great sons of the motherland have fought to attain freedom and make India a sovereign state.  Therefore, the children feel inspired and participate actively in the Republic Day ceremony and celebration.
Republic Day in Schools

Flag Hoisting

A March Past is conducted by the students from various sections while the school choir sings patriotic songs. Then the National Flag is hoisted by the Chief Guest and the Principal, teachers, school staff and students from different grades and classes join together in the singing of the National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana and Vande Mataram. The National Pledge which is an oath of allegiance to the Republic of India is recited by one and all to mark the occasion. 
Republic Day Flag Hoisting


The Chief Guest and the Principal usually address the students narrating to them the history of Republic day, explaining the significance and the sacrifice of the great men who gave away their lives for the cause of the nation. They motivate the students to be enlightened citizens of the country, to participate in the development and improvement of the society around them, to be aware of the challenges that the country faces and resolve to find answers and contribute to the nation’s progress since they are the future of the country.

Students are also made aware of the cultural heritage and other aspects about India arousing a sense of pride in being a citizen of a country with a rich cultural past. They are encouraged to preserve its varied national heritage and assume a sense of social responsibility.
Republic Day Function in School


There are Inter - section patriotic songs competition with students singing songs like Saare Jahan se Accha, Nanha Munna Raahi Hoon, Ae Watan, Ae Watan, humko teri kasam, etc.

They also show their creative skills in the Poster making competition which involves the making of national flags and/or depicting various themes related to Republic Day. All posters are then hung outside the classroom on the board for others to see.

There are short quiz shows held to test knowledge about India’s history, geography, culture, religion and language, national symbols and the Preamble. The students enjoy answering questions and in the process learn many things about the country.
Republic Day Competition


Students dress up as freedom fighters and perform a skit on various scenes from the Indian Freedom Movement. Each student pins up a national flag to his or her uniform and spreads messages of peace and unity.

There are dance performances with teachers and students dancing to the rhythmic beats of patriotic songs like Rang de Basanti, East or west, India is the best, etc. There are enactments of speeches of great freedom fighters like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru, etc. The colourful presentation is a beautiful an amalgamation of dance and music.

Classrooms are decorated with festoons and balloons of tricolor and several flags adorn the school buildings. The whole campus comes alive with the spirit of patriotism.
Republic Day School Performance

The Chief Guest

The celebration is usually graced by a Chief Guest who witnesses the programs put up by the students. The Chief Guest is usually a person of distinction from the educational or civil services field. In many schools, film, television and sports celebrities are also invited as a guest of honor.

He also acts as a judge for the various competitions held on the day. He usually unfolds the tricolor flag during the ceremony and addresses the student and teacher audience.

The day usually comes to an end with one of the students from the senior section proposing a vote of thanks to the Chief Guest for his presence, to the Principal, School staff, teachers and the students for their active participation in making the Republic day a wonderful ceremony and celebration.
Republic Day Chief Guest

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