The birth anniversary day of nationalist politician Babu Jagjivan Ram is observed as Samata Diwas . The day is so called to match his belief of bringing equality among all in the society.

Jagjivan Ram was born on 5 April 1908, in Chandwa in a harijan family. At that time society played many societal taboos on them and the harsh rules made his world very weird from others. He was filled with anguish at the sad plight of the untouchables.

This anguish practically came out as expressions when he became a social reformer while yet a school student. He offered individual Satyagraha and was jailed in 1950 for this. He was associated with the Indian National Congress from 1932 to 1977 and also remained member of Lok Sabha for 36 years. Jagjivan Ram held different portfolios from 1946 to 1963 as a Union Minister. He also held the position of Deputy Prime Minister of India from January to July 1979.

He dreamt of a casteless and democratic Hindu society. He was actively involved in the lobby group for societal transformation and for the upliftment of the weaker sections of society. He organised the scheduled castes in Banaras Hindu University to show dissent against communal bias and arranged conferences to draw the attention of social and political leaders of Bengal. He was an active participant in the anti-untouchability movement initiated by Gandhiji.

He believed in the dignity of human and the freedom an individual would enjoy. He detested the oppression that some people were facing and believed in the philosophy of ‘with malice towards none, and charity for all’.

He died in July 1986.

Tribute is paid to the departed leader and functions are organized to mark the birth anniversary of late Babu Jagjivan Ram all over the state on 5th April annually.

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