Shravan Jhula Mela is one of the major fair of Uttar Pradesh. The fair of Sravan Jhula is usually observed in the Hindu month of sravan. This fair enacts the playful spirit of the heavenly deities. The fair is observed on third day of the shukla paksh of Shravan month.

jhoola.jpgDevotees place idols of the deities (especially of Rama, Lakshman and Sita) in swings or Jhula in the temples. Idols of deities are also taken to Mani Parvat in the procession of devotees.

After reaching to Mani Parvat, the idols are made to swing from the branches of the trees. Later the deities are brought back to temples. The mela lasts till the end of the month of Shravan.


In 2020, Shravan mela will be between the months of July and August.

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