Maharaja Agrasen was a king in the city of Agroha, Haryana. Agrasen is specially worshiped by the trader community and people from Agarwal and Agrahari community with devotion. The popularity of Maharaja Agrasen can be gauged from the fact that Maharaja Agrasen is credited with establishment of a trading community in the state of Haryana. The trading community is popularly known as Agroha in Northern India, especially the state of Haryana.  Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti is generally celebrated during October.

Legend Associated with Maharaja Agrasen

Maharaja Agrasen was one of the key initiators of Vanika Dharma. The dharma was adopted by the Maharaja for the benefit of people of the region. It is believed that Maharaja Agrasen had 18 children, therefore the Agarwal community has a similar number of Gotras. After his death, the kingdom was distributed among all of Maharaja Agrasen s children and they ruled separate parts thereafter.

The legend associated with the origin of Agroha city is also related to Maharaja Agrasen. Once King Agrasen headed to Kashi and prayed to Lord Vishnu for granting him a boon. The Lord appeared soon enough and directed the King to worship Goddess Lakshmi in turn as she could help him overcome the problem.

The King worshiped Goddess Lakshmi thereafter and she appeared. The King asked her to give him the wisdom of becoming a worthy trader so that he could serve the people of his community well. The King thereafter started the journey along with his wife to find a place where the new kingdom could be set up.

Both of them came to a spot where some cubs of tigers were playing. The King thereafter decided to establish a Kingdom at the spot as he considered it to be a good sign. The place was thereafter known by the name of Aghora.

The relevance of Agarwal community can be understood from the fact that the legendary Mughal King Akbar had two people from Agarwal community among his ministers.

Celebrations of Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti

Devotees make special preparations to make Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti special. The Agarwal community celebrates the Jayanti with full religious devotion and they head early in the morning to the Kuldevi temple to seek her blessings.

Devotees bathe in various holy rivers throughout the region and head to be a part of the traditional Shobha yatras. These yatras pass through important locations through the cities. The yatra is carried out with devotion in towns and cities throughout Haryana. Special preparations are made in Aghora city on the day and the city is decked up. The Shobha yatra procession contains images and relics of family members of Maharaja Agrasen and is specially prepared for the day.

Traditional langar is held on the day and members of the Agarwal community ensure that the prasad is distributed among the devotees and other people who happen to be a part of the Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti celebrations.

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