As it can be interpreted from the name itself, Sitabari Fair is an annual fair held in the town of Sitabari. It has religious and historical significance to Hindus. This place is supposed to be the same place where Sita, wife of Lord Rama had stayed to serve her period of banishment (the period when she was ostracized from society).

There is also a belief associated with this place that Lakshman has shot an arrow that resulted in a spring of water, thus, people consider the water of the tanks and kunds of this place extremely holy.

Location of Fair:

Sitabari Fair derives its name from the place where it is held, that is Sitabari. It is a small-town but has tremendous religious significance to the Hindus as Sita, wife of Lord Rama, had stayed here. Thus, the place derives its name from this mythological belief.


According to the Hindu Mythology, when Sita maa (wife of Lord Rama), was serving her period of banishment, she had stayed here.When Sita felt thirsty, Laksman ,her brother-in-law, shot an arrow in the ground that resulted in the spring of water. This stream is called “Lakshman Babhuka”.


The Fair of Sitabari lays its roots in the importance of the town of Sitabari, according to the Hindu mythology. Some of the common practices observed during this time are:

Sitabari Fair

* People are commonly seen visiting the tanks and kunds of this place and taking holy dips and baths. The place has a significant feature according to which, Lakshman had shot an arrow in the ground to fetch water that, draws the significance water of this place.

* Devotees offer prayers to the images of various deities placed here.

* As the Fair is a religious gathering for the devotees, many traders and craftsmen view it as a business opportunity as Lacs of tourists, devotees, and religious people gather here during this time.

* Cattle breeders are seen selling different breeds of cattle.

Holy places:

Although the complete town of Sitabari is sacred and holy in Hindu Tradition, yet there are two popular Kunds that catch tourist attraction and faith of devotees. The water of these Kunds is considered very sacred and people are often seen taking bath and holy dips.

* Suraj Kund: this Kund is named after the sun God, and is surrounded by Verandas from all sides. As the water of this kund is considered to be sacred, many devotees immerse the ashes of dead bodies, after cremation, if they are not able to go to Ganges for the same. The statue of Lord Shiva (Linga) is kept at one side, while there are two other kunds of Sita, Bharat.

* Lakshman Kund: Out of the many kunds in Sitabari, the “Lakshman Kund “is the largest in size. One of the gates of the Kund is called “Lakshman Darwaza”. On this gate, the idol of Lord Hanuman is placed.

How to reach Sitabari?

Sitabari is a very small town that is situated at a distance of 1 Km from Kelwara. Kelwara is located 117 Kms from the district of Kota. Many buses ply on this route, and there is no connectivity problem to reach the place.

The frequency of buses is increased by a large number during the Fair, as thousands of tourists and devotees gather here during the time of mela. Although the connectivity through road is very good, the nearest rail head is at Baran that is 75 Kms from Kelwara.

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