Total Solar Eclipse : In total Solar Eclipse the moon completely blocks the sun.Total solar eclipse is visible from within the umbral shadow of the moon. It is an extremely marvelous phenomenon and several people make efforts to travel even to remote places to view the eclipse.

Partial Eclipse :  In Partial Solar Eclipse the moon partially blocks the sun and they are not in complete conjunction. Partial eclipse is usually visible from a large part of the Earth outside of the path of an annular or total eclipse. Partial solar eclipses are visible from within the penumbral shadow of the Moon.

Annular Eclipse : An Annular Eclipse is quite similar to that of a total eclipse except that it takes place during a particular point in the Moon s orbit when it is farther away from the Earth than usual. During annular eclipse the sun looks like a ring or annulus.

Hybrid Eclipse: In a Hybrid Eclipse some parts of the eclipse path are total and some are annular. People staying near the middle of the eclipse will witness a total eclipse and those at the end of the path will witness an annular eclipse.
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