Sonepur Fair, the Asia’s biggest cattle fair held at northern Bihar on the banks of the River Ganga. The month long fair attracts visitors from far long places for trade of cattle, horses and elephants.

Sonepur Fair
Visitors also attend the pulsating fair for many other activities other than the cattle trade like shopping in market stalls or witness live music, traditional dancing, storytelling, carnival acts and enjoy regional food and drink specialties.

There are many religious reasons for visitors to attend the fair like people come here to take holy dip in the confluence of the River Ganga and River Gandak and to offer obeisance to Harihar Nath in Hariharanath temple.

One can reach the site of Sonepur Mela from Patna, as Sonepur is 25 kilometers from the capital city Patna of Bihar. Patna is well connected by Airways and Railways from all major cities of India. Even one can board a train to Hajipur station. Sonepur is assessable by road from Patna and Hajipur.

Where to Stay

State Tourism Department of Bihar offers Swiss cottage tents with all facilities and other then this there are wide options available for different private hotels at Patna.

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