Sri vithappa fair is the popular fair held in the honor of the Vithappa deity in the village Vithappa. The first fair was held 200 years back since then the fair has become the regular practice and organized every year in the month of September or October or on the fourteenth and fifteenth day of Ashwija month.

The three day long fair is witnessed by 7 to 8 thousand people from adjoining areas. This fair has a religious and folk importance.


The fair is organized with high festive spirits as the celebrations are marked by the grand procession with devotees carrying the holy deity in a palanquin. 60 parties of drummers from different parts of Karnataka also accompany the holy procession.

There is also trend of offering the sacrificed sheep before the deity which is later sold by the priest or pujari and the amount gained is credited to the temple funds.

There are many religious beliefs associated with the Sri Vithappa fair like turning of milk (brought for offering) into curd before offering to god is considered a good omen.

Another trait related with the fair is the collection of grains from bag kept in the temple by a person from Chunchanoor village during the fair. It is believed that if these grains are sowed into the farms then will result in rich yield for that very year.

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