Teachers play an important role in every one’s life by guiding their students on the right path in the moulding years of life. Indeed, Teachers Day is the occasion when students can turn back and express their warmest gratitude against the hard work of their teachers. Listed below are certain unique ways to appreciate teachers for their contribution:

Make Your Teachers Feel Great

Teacher s Day Celebration
Students can write e-mails, letters or notes of appreciation and drop it in teachers mailboxes or teacher’s desk. Even students can decorate the class rooms beautifully on this day.

Warm Welcome To The Teachers

Teachers Day Welcome Ideas
Students can plan for different ways to welcome teachers by flower showering, playing musical band or by presenting flowers on the arrival.

Prepare Memento For The Teachers

Teachers Day Gifts
Students can arrange for gift items to commemorate the efforts put in by teachers such as Print your teacher s names on coffee mugs, T-shirts, schoolbags etc.

Organize Party For Teachers

Teachers Day Party
Students can organize a small party involving teachers with music, dance and snacks.

Make Cards For Them

Teachers Day Cards
Cards can be prepared for our dear teachers and our own thoughts and views about them can be written as a tribute to them. Hand made cards should be preferred as the worth of handmade cards remains for showing more love, affection and importance to others. It is still considered to be a novelty.

Organize Small Games

Small fun games involving teachers can be organized to make your teachers enjoy the day and to make them recall their childhood and school days. Games like Musical Chair, Pass the Parcel, Dumb charades and Antakshari can be played and the winners can be awarded.

Teacher’s Day Video

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