Significance or Importance of Teej

Teej is a women oriented festival, and its significance comes from two main reasons, first, the advent of monsoons and second, the union of Shiva- Parvati.

    * As per Hindu mythology, this day is associated with the victory of a wife’s devotion towards her husband. Women across India, especially in Rajasthan, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh observe a Nirjal Vrat for their husbands.

    * Teej means advent of monsoons, thus, women enjoy this break from heat and daily chores with swings and songs.

    * Married women generally visit their parents place and receive gifts from their in-laws and spouse.

    * On the day of Teej, women pay special attention to their appearance by wearing colorful Leheria Sarees and applying henna on their hands

Teej Fair Video

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