Teej being a women centric festival , there are many gift options for husbands, in-laws, parents to present to their wives and daughter in laws. As on the occasion of Teej, every women tries to look good , jewelery and sarees remain the most fond gifts among all other choices . Some of the options are:

    * Sarees: Leheria saree is the most popular outfit for Teej as it symbolizes monsoons and energy.

    * Jewelery: Traditional Lac bangles are also a preferred choice as Teej gift.

    * Cosmetics: Getting ready and to look beautiful is the attraction for every women ,thus, to gift cosmetic products of wife’s choice is a good idea.

    * An outing: The best gift to any married woman is the company and love of her husband, so, men should try to take their wives for an exclusive outing.

    * Cards: There are special cards available for every occasion today, therefore, it remains a good idea to express one’s feelings on this auspicious occasion.

    * Flowers: It’s the surest way to bring smile to a woman’s face.


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